Epoch by Epoch

Friday, May 15th 2020, 9:30:32 pm

Like steps on a mountain, each epoch stands in support of the next,
like the pages of a journal, together, they hold the sacred text.
We learn, we may fail, or triumph, and the next epoch follows,
but every new epoch grows from the one previous.
We can't leap from one place to another,
we can only move up, or graduate up, or build up, or step up.
To leap, is to stay a child in an aging body,
to go up, to grow up, and carry on to no end, is to become an adult.
In our youth we must learn to stand our ground,
and anchor ourselves to something that moves us.
As we age, having followed that path,
we'll be standing upon our own mountain,
A great mountain of personal wisdom,
where once only a direction lay.
These mountains rise with each epoch in our life,
every once in a while we pause, to bring all that we are together - higher.
Epoch by Epoch, we ascend, we can already see the sunshine,
but our journey comes with no end.
This is a simple life, first we conform and then break away,
we become wise, and later in life, our wisdom transforms into Enlightenment.
It is a road of Adventures, Books, Poems, and Inspirations,
it has tears of sadness, but in return we grow stronger.
What it is all for, is to Live a Life of Simple Dignity,
or rising when we fall, of learning when we get tricked.
Of protecting our bodies and minds, and growing stronger,
of adding to our existing body of wisdom.
With each epoch we climb over what we previously thought were our limits,
As we get up, and stand up, we reach a new plateau.
We rest, we take in the sun of this new height,
and get busy building higher, and higher.
None of us begged to be born, we were nothingness,
and temporarily all these atoms came together to give us, ourselves.
And eventually, we'll return to our nothingness,
and the atoms will disperse, to become parts of other beautiful things,
While we are in this state, however, the first and foremost order!
...is to Thrive, to Grow, to Expand, to Rise, to Build, and to Ascend.
Whether we know it yet or not, the road that we are on, is one.
It is the same road that our 90 year old selves will wonder about.
They will go up and down the Epochs, and ask questions.
there will be some regrets, but we do have a chance to solve them now.
There will be enough triumph to bring blinding light to all the sadness,
and the beautiful memories will wipe out all the unimportant things.
All that stands in the way of our growing up,
must be pushed aside, growing up is our life.
We must grow up, rise up, all the way up.
Each and every epoch ahead, demands this.
Our minds require wisdom, wisdom fuels our decision making,
and our choices dictate all our life ahead.
Life is precious, it is to be lived in Dignity and Authenticity,
and you are meant to become a Great Being.
Epoch by Epoch

#71: Epoch by Epoch

Friday, May 15th 2020, 9:30:32 pm