Friday and I

Thursday, May 14th 2020, 11:46:46 pm

Wherever I went, Friday magically followed,
there always seem to have been a tree that was hollowed,
And the moment I looked at food,
he knew, dinner was going to be good.
Wherever the Raccoons came out at night,
Friday, was always there, my Fat Spirit Guide.
<!-- Keys -->
Over at Little Torch Key, at Veterans Beach, with easy access to water,
he lived up a Palm Tree, with his Furry Wife and Tiny Daughter,
Once I got lonely, and threw a little Tortilla all the way up there,
he popped up, and it looked like he smiled - I swear.
<!-- Jack Pine -->
Over at Ludington State Park, at the Jack Pine Hike-in Campground,
I woke up at 3 am, hearing a strange sound.
He was trying to pull out my hamburger buns,
probably to feed all his furry sons.
The bag was tied, up in a tree,
nothing could stop him - Because he was free.
I got out of my tent, and delivered his late night bite,
by tossing it into my cranky neighbor's camp site.
<!-- Nordhouse -->
The whole woodland family, knew that eventually I had to go back,
Friday left a little footprint on my pillow, to help me pack.
I was staying up in the trees, on top of ancient dunes,
the only light was that of stars, and the moon's.
I called them [Nordhouse Skylands][1],
but, if you go out there, be ready for his smart little hands,
Bring a travel lock to secure the zippers on your tent,
and remember, Friday loves you as friend, he means no ill intent.
My Dear Readers, we may each need a few weeks of Wilderness in our life,
so start slowly packing, buy a backpack, bug spray, and a knife,
And just keep your adventure pack by the door,
if life ever gets you down, smile! and head for that Lake Michigan shore.
You can park at the [Nurnberg Trailhead][2],
and don't forget to bring a little bit of stinky cheese,
and piece of stale bread.
Friday and I

#70: Friday and I

Thursday, May 14th 2020, 11:46:46 pm