Three Dimensional Business Development: Portable Clonal Colonies

Sunday, April 11th 2021, 8:52:55 pm

The Trembling Giant is a clonal colony of aspen determined to be a single living organism,
and assumed to have one massive underground root system, it contains 47,000 trees.
This text is about taking your first beautiful company,
with an imaginative and eye catching product...
And then making a much more powerful business out of it,
by selling its clones to many business people.
Where your original product sold for $29.99,
the clones of companies that make that product will bring you a much greater figure.
A company represents a dream, people will pay for the upfront setup,
and then pay you monthly until the company is fully paid off.
So you go from $29.99 to relatively impossibly-large-figures,
by simply abandoning your product and selling copies of your company.
Now, here a hardened business person will check me,
no doubt to share a wisdom valuable for brick and mortar shops.
And here comes the first warning, do not open a physical location,
and don't deal with anything that requires a warehouse.
Let me make that clear, no physical goods, no building improvements and remodeling, no cleaning supplies, no employee uniforms,
no equipment repairs and maintenance, no HVAC maintenance, no miscellaneous supplies, no mortgage or lease payments, no physical location,
no signage, no utilities; or it will bleed you dry and push you into a bankruptcy (which is much better than school loans)
Do not create a business that will consume your company,
if it stops making money for a few months.
You have to create a machine that only comes to life when a sale is made,
that only extracts fees from a ready made sale.
Remember, you are selling copies of this company,
your customers should only see a simple relationship between advertising and sales, that is it.
The company must be easily operated via the internet,
and as 2020 taught us great emphasis should be placed on telecommuting, or remote jobs.
Artificial Intelligence is not going to get here any time soon,
if anything AI is just a stupid trick that corporations use to cut expenses by replacing employees with touchscreens for customers.
And AI can only emerge of out accidents,
it will not be a system that will be able to improve it self, it will never know how it works.
There are Eight Billion People out there,
an you are building a lightweight company that only calls for employees when something needs to be done.
or that you keep employing more and more and more and more, but only when there is more and more work to be done.
As the job queue becomes smaller,
the number of workers you employ in your template company will scale down.
Once you sell 1,000 such companies, 1,000 copies of that original,
the regulars won't really care if they are working for a clone in Bangalore, Johannesburg, or Rio.
Premature optimization and automation is your friend,
squeeze everything down to the most robotic and lightweight implementation.
That will be your seed,
you will now be able to see what is constricting it.
Too much automation, not enough variability,
impossible growth due to over optimization in a particular fragment.
All of these anomalies reveal pathways towards growth,
and whatever does function in its lightweight mode can only make the company better.
Let us look at that original business, the template,
if that is all you wanted to build, you would aim for something that makes more than $10,000 month.
But now that you are building a network of clones,
you have to ask how much does a clone-company like that need-to-make-a-month to sell well.
It could be 1,000 with minimal advertising,
there are millions of people in this world who would be happy to make 1,000 a month.
How much should you sell a 1,000 a month company for,
maybe $24,000, maybe $50,000.
And how are those people going to pay that sum?
now listen carefully.
You are not allowed to put people desperate for money,
in more debt, the banks that used to do that employed the worst kinds of human beings.
They will pay you with a fair percent of their monthly income,
if $100 is all they will make on that particular month, then all you will get is a $10 towards that $24,000.
Make sure to hold up the banks that stole whatever money poor people had left,
as an example of who not to do business with.
In the end, come your age of wisdom, building a company that does nothing to help poor people,
is not worth your time.
That clever $1 down to trap a person into a legally binding contract,
is a disgrace, an insult, and just as predatory as relying on bounced checks and other customer fees for a big share of your profits.

Now, the easy part,

as to the structure of your company...

Don't invent anything new,
clone what others wish they could own.
After all, your business is about selling clones of a fetching company,
and later on, about letting your clients pick from many templates of successful companies.
I am convinced many of your clients will own multiple clones,
and they will use them to reinforce one another.
On the front-end, are things that make the customer of a clone company happy,
on the back-end is the administrator zone, AND! a place for freelancers to perform whatever actions the company needs to grow.
For example, imagine City Photography, Inc,
which is patterned after Unsplash owned by two teenager co-founders.
They are coordinating photography projects from all the cities in United States,
all the photographs are free to use without registration, the participating photographers, can win awards, get a beautiful portfolio and job experience.
This company makes money from product and business placement,
from the brand names that models wear, and the cars that appear in exclusive photos.
These two teenagers, want to photograph all the landmarks in United States,
and they can achieve that by putting a small monetary bounty on particular landmarks.
They may request slow motion video, time lapse photography, tilt shift photography,
areal drone photography, and set the bounties as needed.
Over time, they will discover more ways of monetizing,
because monetization depends on their users.
For example, City Photography, Inc can allow its users to give each other Monetary Tips, including monthly,
and then take a small percentage of that, this would represent maybe 5% of their moneymaking.
There would be many more ways that City Photography, Inc takes an unobtrusive cut of something,
this may include brand names advertising their labels on the front page, popular users paying for a spotlight and so on.
City Photography, Inc may grow, it maybe purchased by a larger company as the case it with Unsplash,
or it may fade away releasing all its photographs to Web Archive, or similar under the Public Domain license.
The number one deciding factor for what will happen to a company is the chaos and randomness of the business world,
the number two deciding factor is timing, if high quality photography is something that the world is interested in, then they will thrive.
The end of life for City Photography, Inc,
is just a new beginning for out two co-founders, no longer teenagers now, but just as sharp and passionate about business and big dreams.
They will take to another type of business you sell,
as they will now be intricately familiar with what it is like to engage in running a company, with a remote-work back-end that cater to freelancers around the world.
In closing,
create a beautiful little company, have fun with it, and when you are done covert it into a template,
and begin selling clones of that company to others.
Don't stop here, look to other businesses that are fun to use, launch, run,
and copy them, bring in their template into your system so that people that buy companies from you can have multiple choices.
And don't be evil, don't bother with companies that do nothing for those who live in poverty,
they are not worth your time.
Come your final days, no matter how many times you will say to yourself "I made a difference",
you will never fully believe it, unless you truly did make a different, unless you truly did grow to become a Great Being that helped the world grow.

#407: Three Dimensional Business Development: Portable Clonal Colonies

Sunday, April 11th 2021, 8:52:55 pm