The Potato Adventures of Dr. Meow: Riding In The Rain

Saturday, April 10th 2021, 10:53:19 pm

Every adventure has its own unique song,
and you have to listen to it.
You have to do as it tells you to do,
only then will the adventure become good.
When the lake is cold, and you need a bath,
there is no better time to yell bad words then when you take the dip.
When the trail seems to resume at every corner, you never stop,
you keep going forward until you discover the very end.
And when you are 10 mines away from civilization and it gets suddenly hazy,
that's the rain the clouds warned you about, and that's when you put your hood on...
...and keep going,
so as long as you are cozy and cheerful, you keep on trucking.
The reward, the bounty,
is a treasure chest of all kinds of colorful gems.
You'll be granted a shower,
by Mother nature her self, the seasons is how you turn up the heat.
You will become a happy curiosity, in the curious minds of countless many motorists,
as they wonder if it was rain that caught you, or if it was you that caught the rain.
You'll sleep better, you may dream of cozy places,
and you'll be more rested in the morning.
And somewhere in all the haste of ducking under the occasional tree,
to hide from sudden downpours, you'll snap a cute photo.
Adventure and Expedition,
is a Form Of Art.
It is no different than searching for the next note,
that fits the melody that you have thus far, and where you hope to get to next.
It is no different, than sitting down on a bench, with a well proportioned sketch,
with your trusty pencils and softest blending stumps to capture the afternoon shadows of a street corner you fancy.
You have to listen to what you have,
and make the best of it in hopes of creating a new masterpiece.
And consider all the other rebels,
the ultra-marathon runners out on Western States mindful of the Mountain Lion.
The hikers out on AT,
keeping one eye on the weather, and the other on the bear.
And the countless invisible ones,
who make their own trails, and rules, and legends.
When the rain comes, or snow, or thunder,
and you don't know where to go anymore.
That is not the end of your adventure,
that is the Mother Nature's Invitation and Seal of Approval.
Every one of us is a magnificent adventurer,
and just as fine of a philosopher.
Mother Nature,
is only trying to help.

#406: The Potato Adventures of Dr. Meow: Riding In The Rain

Saturday, April 10th 2021, 10:53:19 pm