New Music Revolution

Friday, April 2nd 2021, 9:33:20 pm

Pretty frequently there comes a moment,
that can define future's past.
They are always simple moments,
and always revolve around simple things.
Mr. Jobs liked to keep his house empty of useless things,
this helped him think about what items exist in every home.
Not emerging trends like the computer or mp3 player,
but the well established ones that haven't changed in a long time.
Some trends fade away, the mp3 player is a niche item now,
some self destruct, the Mac is moving away from the x86 processors now.
Some linger, unbreakably, unmovingly,
like the Linux Phone.
Many like the Linux phone, are misunderstood, Linux phones should not be about apps,
they need a conversational interface to the Linux System, the phone needs to replace apps with Automation and Programming.
Programming is the future,
and it is not as hard as people make it out to be.
And it is just as worth the while to try to bring something back, or do it right,
as it is to begin a new revolution.
But there is something nice about being the first to start something,
for one you get to watch it grow.
The Music Revolution has already somewhat begun,
but it does not quite yet, get it self.
There is but a single reasonable program Tone.js,
where there should be hundreds.
The firs person to program Tone.js right,
will become known as the Mother or Father of what will then become modern music.
This is big,
it will make the music that we know today sound like soulless banging.
Right now, Sam Aaron,
is blazing the trail, and the sound of his music is in deed made unique by his SonicPI instrument.
What I am talking about is greater than Live Music,
I am talking about using programming languages to code entire Albums of Songs.
I am talking about abandoning Digital Audio Workstations and Graphic User Interfaces,
and bravely venturing into the world of programming-language-driven Music Composition.
It is a good idea to use the language of the web for this,
if you are going to learn a programming language learn JavaScript
Before we go on, I want you to hear the sound of the previous generation of music,
Begin learning how to use Tone.js perhaps with a focus on using pre-recorded samples at first,
Instead of trying to bend languages to your will or desire,
learn to bend yourself, and use the bare bones and existing API at your disposal.
Learn to merge Music with what is already at your disposal,
do not try to bend the spoon.
Invent your style,
begin publishing your music as computer programs, perhaps on npm, or github, or similar.
And understand that this is your time,
that you are the new generation of Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, that you are the future.
You are exactly where Techno begun,
at the cusp of a new genre.
If you can do it, with purest of JavaScript and API so that others don't have to learn new things,
and keep your music free and open under an Open Source License so that your music can spread.
Yours is the future,
and you will become an inspiration for countless many, for eons to come.
May your works become a treasure of equal proportions to Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder...
"Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop."

#398: New Music Revolution

Friday, April 2nd 2021, 9:33:20 pm