To Venus And Back: A Fanciful Flight Of Fancy

Monday, March 8th 2021, 5:59:48 pm

Nobody cared about the old Bulletin Board Systems,
and not all the people cared about Zak McKracken, or later on Wolfenstein 3D.
The old computer dreams are good dreams,
finely crafted expert systems for one were clearly going to change the world.
An expert system does basic logic,
but a finely made one, can actually help us reason about complex issues.
The AI we know today is drenched in chaos,
it is just statistics done right.
The expert systems, are, tools for us, based on our needs,
a way of encoding legal systems.
The Mechanical Turk, or as I call it The Ghost In The Machine,
are a way for all human beings on earth to make money.
MUD, is actually the tool we need to create intelligence,
it will still rely on statistics, but not blindly.
It would take a life time for one person to craft a world
where dreams and observations, would combine to create sanity.
Like with all computer programs, garbage in garbage out,
the virtual world to fuel the real AI, must be finely crafted by a human mind.
Our minds are crafted by a different processes,
one that involves a lot of accidents.
And cherry on top,
we are here because accidents come together just right and emerge a civilization,
that can ask "why are we here?", and we are proof of that.
We have to make use of computers the right way,
we need legal systems that rely on expert systems.
Simulations will likely reveal,
that there is certain limit to how many laws are too many and ruin a system.
Simulations will also reveal that we can't fix cities,
by sentencing people to poverty and fracturing them into a desperate life of crime.
When I say, "We are all very smart", I mean it,
but we also need a real education, a fake education can only add to poverty.
A city that continues fracturing minds with poverty and fake education,
and then sending them to prisons, and making it so that they can't get a job afterwards...
Is not a city yet,
it is still just a hope of one.
Universal Basic Income,
is a good transition idea.
But then businesses specifically crafted,
for taking that money will emerge.
We see a model that they can potentially adopt with student debt,
unforgivable debt, no bankruptcy is big enough to wipe it.
We'll just see businesses offering more free money,
to take a cut of that free income.
And we can't possibly exclude anybody,
not in prison, not in hospital.
Now that people with debt are going to be receiving free money,
those checks will be intercepted by debt collection agencies, which as you can imagine are going to spring to life.
And Universal doesn't mean national,
it means world wide.
After all,
we need not create anymore inequality.
We have seen the emergence of special debt,
the unforgivable student debt.
Now we will need to see the emergence of a new kind of money,
one that can only be spent by the owner, on what the owner wishes, not what she is forced to spend on...
But what she chooses to spend it on,
this is far beyond the thinking of any congress.
But it is trivial for a computer system to process another kind of currency,
I say we give it a name right now, before someone beat us to it, let us call it Love, with the symbol of a Red Heart.
And might as well create a new country for it,
the country should be called Love as well, and it should be a tiny little thing, maybe a square meter at first.
It will have a bank on paper,
and that bank will be very wealthy, for Humanity will have to agree to give it the possession of one of more of the larger planets in the Suns orbit.
This is to satisfy the bankers,
I say, lets give Love the Planet Venus, and The Oort Cloud,
that should be a pretty penny, and might as well give Venus, Jupiter, as gassy as he is I think they are a good match.
Come to think of it,
why don't we avoid the whole argument of where the Love Nation should be place on earth, and simply establish it, in the orbit of Venus.
Now we have a currency that cannot be used to pay of debt,
but can be used to buy a home, and food, and medicine.
You may laugh,
but Humanity has to grow.
What we have right now,
is just a stepping stone.
It is meant to be used once,
on our way to the next step.
When we are children,
we are not defined by borders.
We don't care about dumb ideas,
like color of skin, name of some imaginary creature, concentration camps, or war.
We should not allow ourselves to get dumber as we grow older,
and instead take what wisdom we have as children, and amplify it.
It seems sometimes, that the world would be a much nicer place,
if it was ran by the kids in the world's kindergarten's with some good advice from their loving mums and teachers.
Weapons of war, would be forbidden,
borders would be erased every one of them.
And let me tell you something,
which currency would do think they would pick as the main one, you bet they would!
But rather than bothering clearly WISE-er people who are otherwise still growing up,
lets just use computers instead.
Every bank terminal would now require a new filed, Planet Name,
The Bank Of Love, Milky Way Road 1, Planet Venus.
I think overtime, as it gre in power,
it would create some principles that must not be violated by Earth's Nations that now rely on it.
And it would get tough,
saying no to Weapons of War is easy, but this bank would also say no to Prisons, cages, or as I call it Slavery under the protection of the 13th amendment.
these clear ideas, would realign Humanity with reality.
I know many will disagree wit these ideas,
but these ideas are not for them, their disagreement means that they are not allowed to use that Lovely Credit Card themselves, they can disagree all they want.
They will just sit in their expensive retirement homes,
yelling at clouds, and it is their own wish, no backsies.
Children deserve a real education,
and a kind of money for home, food medicine, hospital, and many other necessities that make Earth look better, in Venus' eyes.
Let us not dismiss this day dream,
instead let us make it real.
When we are brought up correctly,
without abusive indoctrination, we are just one family.
Whoever out there is shooting across some border,
they are only doing so because how they were brought up.
There is only one way to be brought up on earth,
with Knowledge, with Wisdom, and encouragement towards becoming Great Beings,
and honoring every other human being on earth with a lasting contribution, even if it is a silly day dream that is hard to forget.
Remember, the people who ridicule stories like this,
are only doing that, because they were brought up into a in invisible prison, a prison whose walls they cannot see.
They will do horrible things to stay in their prisons,
we have to wait them out, and help the children understand that all the horrible things they see are horrible.
We can explain that this is how humanity transitions,
from the old to the new, there are these wretched middle steps as we wait for dictatorships to crumble.
When I asked my grand ma to explain what they were doing on TV,
she said it was war.
And when I asked why, she said,
"Because, that is what men do."
Let us change that answer from now on,
and instead let it become:
"We are in a state of transition and in search for great and powerful dreams, as we wait for evil men to age and pass away.
And children like you to be brought up in Knowledge, Wisdom, and in Greatness.
See, we cannot fight the bullies back,
because then we would become bullies too, and that cycle must be broken.
So we bring up out children towards Greatness,
while we wait for the broken men to become faded and pass.
When you grow up,
time will come for you to become a leader.
But unlike the old,
the new will aim towards Greatness.
Unlike the old,
the new will take the greatest possible steps, not the smallest.
And when it all becomes too complicated,
always remember, computers are the tools of the future, and they will make everything easier for you."
I will close my story here,
we invented new currency, we built a beautiful nation on Venus, and we changed the world.
And if it all seems too much,
you should remember Dear Reader, that we are already testing interplanetary Ships, the next step may not be that far off, as far as generations go.

#373: To Venus And Back: A Fanciful Flight Of Fancy

Monday, March 8th 2021, 5:59:48 pm