The Way The World Is

Friday, February 26th 2021, 6:55:45 pm

We are great thinkers, great dreamers, and great leaders,
and yet, things rock back and forth, a little bit of this, a little bit of that...
And then they settle,
in the middle.
We need to know why Humanity does things,
that wise humans disagree with.
Charging students money for school,
is wrong.
Ignoring mental health, and stressing Human Beings into hunger, homelessness, and poverty,
and then sending them to prisons when they lose their minds is wrong.
We invented money,
but we are using it in a way that makes the world worse.
We are great thinkers, great dreamers, and great leaders,
but we have to be raised correctly, in wisdom, in dignity, and in knowledge.
World leaders are preventing themselves from naming all the ongoing atrocities,
in the great speeches against histories greatest mistakes, they don't even mention the ones being repeated today.
The world grows like a delicate single cell bacterial colony,
it moves in the directions it can, and avoids those directions that require effort.
Our world is not about what it comfortable for politicians today,
but what the future generations are asking of us tomorrow.
Today, Humanity is connected enough,
to begin crafting political systems with wisdom and reason.
We are great thinkers, great dreamers, great leaders,
we are not a bacterial colony, we are architects of the future of human kind.
I cannot say what the ongoing mistakes are,
you will never return to this poem is I do.
So let me inspire you, to a special journal,
where you list problems and solutions.
Each page is to list a wrong,
and make an attempt at correcting it.
For example,
Medical schools should pay their students for learning and tests are not enough,
Medical students should never be asked to memorize, and never be insulted with tests,
and they must be treated with care and respect equal to those who work in the institution they practice at.
Medical school is to be self paced, where students create exceptional works in the fields they practice in,
and it is up to those that the students wish to work with for equal pay, to decide whether or not they are ready.
It will feel wrong at first,
but wrong is good, it means that you are un-indoctrinating yourself from a set of false beliefs.
makes perfect, don't stop, fill many journals, and share your best thoughts with your friends and the world.
Today, we are surrounded by things made with the least amount of effort,
but together, filling journal after journal we will find a way.
Some day, everyone will own an inalienable bottomless plastic credit card that pays for food, home, school, medicine, and medical help, to name a few,
the bank will begin accumulating astronomical amounts of debt, it will become a point of pride.
A day will come when the last prison is replaced with a mental institution,
and a school.
And far int the distant future, a day will come,
when Earth will have only one nation, and not a single border.
Get your first journal today,
and begin building your way out all the false beliefs that you have accepted without a question.

#363: The Way The World Is

Friday, February 26th 2021, 6:55:45 pm