The Terrible Truth Behind Piano Keys, Scales, Schools and Uneducated Politicians

Saturday, February 20th 2021, 8:11:53 pm

People are tricked into thinking that music theory is required for making music,
and schools deliver music theory as a single indivisible blob.
With modern schools focusing on standardized testing,
schools trick kids into thinking that memorization is a kind of learning.
But memorization is only about keeping the grade point average high enough,
for everyone who works for that school to get paid.
From the teacher's perspective,
they are doing their job, so that they can get paid.
From the student's perspective,
they are trying to get good grades to get into good college, and get a good job.
But, we have to stop and ask,
is the school teaching, are the children learning?
Children can't tell the schools are bad for them,
because they do not know enough about life, and they tend to follow directions.
Adults have the same problem with politics,
politicians are actors that act just enough to get what they personally want.
It only takes a few liars to disable a nation,
but what we are seeing, is that here are only few honest people there.
From the perspective of the politician, they serve their people,
and it is their job to inspire their trust.
From a psychologists perspective,
that is lying.
I wonder where all the psychologists are,
with each passing decade their rise to their spotlight becomes more and more critical.
Most of us hear "C Major", or "C Minor",
that is just code for saying that we will start with the note C, and then focus on a pattern of notes named Major.
A scale is,
a pallet of 8 colors that the musician has chosen to compose with.
In painting colors are super important,
you really want to get the right yellow and orange to paint a sunrise, you have to mix them just right.
And just imagine the importance of colors when it comes to painting a portrait,
a starting artist may wish for a pre-mixed set of colors for just painting portrait - it sounds as useful as it is.
That is what a scale is,
a selection of pre-mixed notes so that a person can focus on making melodies.
That is the very least we need to take away from music class,
that is all it takes to give us the ability to express ourselves with music.
If children are forced to take tests, that obscure this gift of self-expression,
its simplicity, glory, reward, empowerment, then they are being cheated.
If someone was to sit you down at a piano,
that had a knob that would let you choose from all the scales and highlight the keys of a selected scale.
You would immediately find a selection of notes that would match your feelings,
and begin composing.
Listen, this is true, you only get eight keys,
you can only go up and down, and at a pace that fits your feeling, there is nothing difficult about this.
More than that, you would be playing the soul of the song,
with sounds that connect with your feelings.
And then you would be called to add another layer,
a melody to bring light and wisdom to that world.
And again, if we continue tolerating politicians that split their heads in two,
one being I must act to appear amazing, and two being I must take care of my own business first - the world will not grow.
World's politicians bifurcating is probably to a considerable degree,
influenced by the in-authenticity they are forced to participate in schools.
We are scaring the children that if they don't memorize,
they will be held back and called stupid.
We are preventing children from learning,
by sending them to memorization and meat processing plants.
Humanity will not progress,
if this continues.
The saddest thing of all is that children think they are learning
by passing all the tests, they call it learning, they know it as learning.
If memorization is ever taken away from them,
they will protest that education is being stolen.
Some kids do figure out they can't be creative,
and must instead perform this ritual of memorization - I think most of them still think of the ritual as learning.
When other kids hear of this ritual sacrifice, they see it as madness,
in their minds it sounds like you can't be creative after you get good grades from music class.
Children are trying to figure this out,
but they can't, they don't have enough experience.
To the person who senses that they must sacrifice their unique creativity to get good grades,
we must say, "If you do that, then our world will die.".
What makes a person unique and creative, must be protected and developed,
destroying that, with stress, threats of being held back, creates the surface for liars to thrive in.
A liar is after all, is a perfectly uneducated and hollow individual,
skilled in in getting everything, anyway.
To the person who says that learning music or science in school,
gives us the ability to be creative.
We have to say, no,
we have to end this illusion.
The illusion of education by means of memorization and mediocrity, and cramming, and pretending,
because, again, that only creates a surface for big fat white lice to feed on the future of this world.
We have to to explain to this obviously intelligent individual,
that school is only holding him back.
It will come as shock at first, but that is not such a bad thing,
because this shock will awaken a healthy skepticism that they are likely to employ in all their decision making.
Kids are are protecting a system of education,
that did nothing for us.
Everything up to high school is working out nicely,
it is when the subject divisions and tests that force memorization are introduced that education ends, and pretending begins.
Children don't pretend because they want to be actors,
but because it is impossible to graduate with a good GPA and still learn for real.
A teacher would make a fair point here and state that they have to rely on a separate entity to build the curriculum,
it does make sense that a teacher should receive help with structuring their lectures and semesters.
While they already know much of what they will teach,
they still need structure.
But, like with that intelligent student that we have to say no to,
we must say no to the teachers as well.
No one but the student is allowed to structure the material,
it must be structured in a way that keeps them going, keeps them interested and passionate about their next steps.
The new curriculum should be based on a body of knowledge created by all the worlds students,
but the path must honor their uniqueness and existing creativity, must match their existing knowledge, and pace of learning.
Both politics and education can be greatly improved with interactive visualizations and info-graphics,
just like a student should know where their path will take them, a voter should be able to see and comprehend the results of their vote.
Students should not be graded, they are still learning life,
and in the new schools they will be learning the correct things at the correct pace.
But politicians, do need grades once they begin serving,
furthermore the voters should base a lot of their decisions on the unique history of the politician's education.
A decades long open and ongoing history of curiosities and achievements built by a political candidate in the new school,
will prevent liars from entering positions that are meant for the true leaders of future generations.
A musical scale is just a selection of a few colors that the musician pre-selected, to paint their feelings with,
in a song they sat down to compose.
A real school,
would make you a musician in the course of a day.
We are meant to learn for real, knowledge that results in wisdom,
and wisdom, that if we choose, will take us to greatness.
Let us take no sides when it comes to Future of Humanity,
we are but temporary keepers of this world as it belongs to all the future generations - there is no place for in-authenticity here.
Let us say no, to make believe education,
and let us say no to uneducated actors in roles of self serving leadership.
Let us honor all the future generations,
by creating real schools that provide meaningful and personalized education.

#357: The Terrible Truth Behind Piano Keys, Scales, Schools and Uneducated Politicians

Saturday, February 20th 2021, 8:11:53 pm