Believe In Yourself

Friday, January 1st 2021, 11:16:47 pm

You really are a genius,
we are all super smart.
There are lots of tools,
that people use to create.
For example,
poetry has rhyming dictionaries.
Painting and drawing,
has art projectors that help with proportions.
In the world of sculpture,
some use three dimensional pantographs.
Music composition,
has tools like piano roll and sequencer to make composition easy.
Even abstract mathematics, physics, or elliptic curve cryptography,
is only intimidating until you find all the visualizations, introductory books and lectures.
People make complicated things seem like a big deal,
because they want to be seen as special.
Someone who really does enjoy some complex subject,
would be more than happy, to help others learn.
Sharing knowledge,
is a wonderful feeling.
Isn't that the point of why we learn,
it sure seems like it.
One of the most important things about learning,
is that you start with something that that is interesting for you.
You don't have to stick with it forever,
just until you find something more interesting.
It is really important that you know how super-smart you are,
and that it is best to learn at your own pace and in a sequence that matches your existing knowledge best.
We are all great dreamers and great artists,
great geniuses full of countless ideas.

#307: Believe In Yourself

Friday, January 1st 2021, 11:16:47 pm