Citizens of The World

Friday, April 10th 2020, 11:42:57 pm

Captain's Log, Quarantine, Day Twenty Five,
Yesterday, Bernie dropped out.
I didn't even try to wait, you can't place this much weight.
And what were we expecting?
It has always been like this, hit and miss.
It is time for all, to rise.
Become a Citizen of The World. In your own hands.
With your own mind. Seek Knowledge and Triumph.
Let the name of this New Nation be, Earth,
May the Citizen be called, a Human.
The power is in your hands, so near,
rooted in every audio-book you can hear.
And you have to lean to rise,
you can't near the skies,
without your eyes!
When you have learned enough, you have to turn around and teach.
Yell from your mountain, scream, dance and preach.
The promise of Freedom, Reason, and Peace,
is in our hands, it is our Masterpiece.
Education is fun it only ever seems hard,
because one is trying to learn too much in too little time.
The only way we can fully learn,
is by inheriting knowledge from World's most beloved Heroes.
This inheritance begins by following in their footstep, first;
and continues, when we break away to resume where they left off.
Rise, rise to the mountains before you.
The only way,
is to go up,
to grow up,
to grow all the way up,
until we each become a Great Being.
Same as those before us,
same as those that are sure to rise.
Open Your Eyes.
The Time is Always Now.

#30: Citizens of The World

Friday, April 10th 2020, 11:42:57 pm