Science and Wisdom: From Led to Gold, Let The Universe Unfold

Thursday, November 19th 2020, 8:36:53 pm

A hole in the window curtain,
lets a stray ray of light in.
The light displays a blurry image,
of what is outside, a pin hole camera.
As the beam travels along the wall,
he can imagine the entire solar system.
He knows the planet spins and rotates,
by inference from Jupiter Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.
And now slowly the light,
reaches an old crystal vase.
There is a rainbow,
the beam of light is unfurled.
He's counting the colors,
and a violin plays.
And A becomes Blue,
B is Indigo,
C turns Violet,
D is Red,
E becomes Orange,
F is Yellow,
and G glows Green.
He watched the whole thing,
in bed, in silence.
He knows now he will turn led to gold,
let the Clockwork Universe, Unfold.
You are so lucky that you live in an age where you can pull up,
Newton's book on opticks with the click of a link.
In most cases you can't be stopped by by research you have not yet conducted,
and you don't have to invent much from scratch, you just need a science book.
You have the same mental powers as Newton and all the others,
but you DO, have to slow down, and think about things just like they did.
Learning or catching up,
is an Art.
Even though you have all the answers before you,
you can't read it all at once.
You have to follow one thread at a time,
our minds need time to comprehend and rearrange.
Like the body of a dancer needs time to adapt,
we have to learn at a precise pace, and sequence.
It is very similar to learning the roads of a new city,
you never say to your self I am not smart enough to navigate.
Because you never listen to confusing directions,
you just follow a single road at your own pace and eventually master it.
See, Newton learned from works of Galileo,
who passed away the year Newton was born.
And although Newton never did convert led to gold,
the led of his pencil, became even more precious.
Many of Newton's works,
must have fascinated Henry Cavendish.
And Einstein no doubt appreciated the modes of thinking these men revealed,
even though he never figured out his Spooky Action at a Distance.
They all learned much along the way,
and each became wise for trying.

#264: Science and Wisdom: From Led to Gold, Let The Universe Unfold

Thursday, November 19th 2020, 8:36:53 pm