Only Wisdom Helps Humanity Grow

Monday, November 2nd 2020, 6:23:37 pm

Wisdom is the substance with which Humanity grows,
and it is also the might with which every hero rose.
There cannot be a united world without a wise voter,
systems of politics can't work like a motor.
Corruption comes out of most people wanting to appear smart,
but their incompetence does not end when they depart.
Not only are they replaced by more of the same,
but the policies they set continue wandering without an aim.
Systems as such expand until they seize and fall,
then from the ashes can only rise a wall after wall.
It is because pretenders when pressed can only pretend more,
liars can only destroy a nation and lead it to war.
A nation must first help its uneducated, poor, and weak,
because poverty prevents people from learning and makes the future bleak.
Then, to power a system the voter must be educated and wise,
otherwise they can only contribute to the system's demise.
We cannot hope to build a peaceful nation,
if we do not begin with functional and real education.
will corrupt a politician down to the bone.
But their real curse is such,
that they can't know, that they don't know very much.
Fake it until you make it, is not a driving force,
it is a mode of being rotten at the source.
Alas, we are too beautiful to allow politicians to sell it all,
we will turn our heads away from their madness and their fall.
A day will come, when they call for their wars,
but we'll be too busy, tearing down walls, and opening windows, and doors.
The future generations should look towards the internet,
building a world united by a peaceful mindset.
A world build far and above geographic borders,
one that is connected by Education and Compassion, not just orders.
But, we cannot Unite - without Wisdom and Schools,
today we do not yet have the necessary tools.
Non the less, the symbol of the Withe Dove,
will continue waiting for Humanity to unite, in Wisdom and Love.

#247: Only Wisdom Helps Humanity Grow

Monday, November 2nd 2020, 6:23:37 pm