Dance, Music, and Programming

Friday, October 23rd 2020, 11:08:50 pm

I know you know,
what I am about to say.
it is all connected.
You can learn the Melbourne Shuffle nearly instantly,
if you start with Alan Walker's Faded.
There is a springy sound in between the beat past the intro,
that's where you contract your core, that's the middle step,
that divides mere shuffling feet; from actual Melbourne Shuffle.
The only other thing you have to remember,
is that the leg you lift goes forward, and then you switch legs.
The sound controls your body,
start with a slower song or a different genre and it will be a lot harder,
for a person who is just starting, it may be too hard to try to dance to a different song.
And music is basically a program,
it is just Drums, Bass, Chords, and Melodies assembled into a song.
You can easily break down Drums, Bass, Chords, and Melodies into their structure,
you can hear it in your ear, you can write it down on paper, in color, with squiggles and emphasis.
But there is a better way, even better than LMMS,
and that is programming.
and the programming language that you learn along the way, is actually a method for interfacing with technology,
The GUI is a very slow method of controlling computers,
the command line, automation of the command line, and writing commands you can use and automate,
is the first, and really the only way to get computers to work for us, not against us.
And on the other spectrum, you can write a program,
that will control your dance, the very way you move.
It is all connected, Sam Aaron is correct in his analogy,
we don't learn to write to become book authors, we just need it,
and we don't learn programming to sit in an office cubicle all day long,
We do it to save day,
to save some time,
and to dance that time away.

#237: Dance, Music, and Programming

Friday, October 23rd 2020, 11:08:50 pm