Get Out Of My Laboratory, Or Invention Is A Teacher

Wednesday, October 21st 2020, 11:38:31 pm

I think that is how the great thinkers learned in the past,
they would grab onto something like Gravitation, Electromagnetism, Pendulums,
and try to figure out how they worked, what forces influenced the things they observed.
Inventing and Invention, makes us think of Pet Rocks, Chia Pets, and Cheap Junk,
but the true meaning of invention is following your path of curiosities.
For example, aren't you curious about Infrared Photography?
Infrared Lamps that but emit a faint red color, but light up an IR Photo,
Infrared Camera for Raspberry PI Zero costs $12, and the UNIX based Raspberry PI Zero just about $20,
Raspberry PI contains a couple commands with dozens of options that you can tinker with,
from ISO, shutter speed, to options like brightness and contrast.
Just a simple curiosity can lead you on a path of exploring UNIX,
Photography, the Light Spectrum, and even let you brush against Astrography.
Where you get to think about flaws in your Charge Coupled Device (CCD Sensor),
And what great please it is to see that your photos are flawless,
and then begin stacking them to average out and remove noise,
all these little triumphs add to your Knowledge and Wisdom.
It is OK to be overwhelmed, but it is not OK to shy away from something that captured your interest because it seems too confusing,
the confusion just comes from not knowing all the steps to get to taking your first IR photo.
Start with the $150 8GB Raspberry PI 4, get a couple of monitors,
and create your first laboratory.
Then get the $20 Raspberry PI Zero, and you'll have your first computer network,
with a satellite Raspberry Zero, that only requires power, so it just needs a single cable.
Attach the Noir Camera to it,
and start exploring what it means to average images to eliminate noise.
Another Raspberry Zero,
this time with a normal $9 camera, can watch your flowers with time laps photography.
This is an example of a modern path of invention,
from this point on, you get to choose your own next steps.
You can study Node.js, UNIX, Bash, and become a programmer,
you can move on beyond the digital and buy your first $200 DIY 3D Printer,
and for example print cases for your Raspberry PIs.
After some practice with the servo motors,
that also doubles as a Deadly Space Laser, hey you never know, it is 2020 after all.
This is how the Great Beings that invented the experiment of mandatory public education, learned.
Baby Step, by Baby Step.
traveling a decades long journey with with curiosities and adventures.
A journey where every new step adds to the previous,
to create a body of Knowledge and Wisdom.
When you feel you hit a milestone, write a tutorial on how you did it,
on what you improved, make some video tutorials, and put them on your resume,
show your inventors or employer that you know that your mind has no limits,
and that you are a Brilliant Inventor, and a Fine Scientist.

#235: Get Out Of My Laboratory, Or Invention Is A Teacher

Wednesday, October 21st 2020, 11:38:31 pm