Take A Year Off, To Read

Friday, October 16th 2020, 10:31:42 pm

Schools and Teachers, Universities, Colleges, and Professors, and even Politicians,
all had an amazing opportunity to enable the current generations with Real Education.
They will keep saying that they are working on it, and that they love students,
but then they will get confused and put politics first, creating that Hollow Feeling again.
You know what, they have ran out of time,
this is a big century for Human Kind.
We started out on the wrong foot,
we doubled the total of fossil fuel emissions in the last 25 years.
When Al Gore was working on his book,
he was writing in a world that had half the atmospheric emission we do.
You see, we are the leaders now, the intellectuals, the poets, the artists,
the people who failed to stop that doubling have retired or passed away.
If we were to ask them what they did it,
they could only say "How was I supposed to know?"
No blame, no accountability,
the change is so slow that the men who were destroying the world are gone.
The next 80 years is really important,
we can't afford to test if perhaps fake education will work out for us if we cram.
It maybe time, to temporarily push away from the promise of a diploma and a job,
and catch up with what has been going on in the world.
Reading and listening to real books is important,
taking responsibility for our own education, is very important.
You get to pick your Audio Books, your own Lecture Videos,
watch Documentaries about Climate and Nature, maybe Politics.
Keep a journal, do a book review,
for every Audio Book and Documentary you like.
And get out there, go camping, and adventuring.
Maybe even section hike the Appalachian Trail, or the Pacific Crest Trail,
or El Camino de Santiago and Kom-Emine, with your friends and parents.
Let the sunrise tell you when it is time to study,
let the sunset help you to sleep.
A lot that was lost in translation during standardized education,
can be pretty quickly regained, with top non-fiction, as long as you make room for it.
So, let us consider taking a year off when we feel ready for books,
maybe before college, or before we transfer to a university.
The journal and corresponding hiking videos or book reviews,
will provide plenty of evidence that it was not a year that was merely lost.
It seems that our Elder Selves will not hold falling in love with books against us,
to the contrary, this maybe one of those things that they wish for.

#230: Take A Year Off, To Read

Friday, October 16th 2020, 10:31:42 pm