Friday, April 3rd 2020, 7:59:02 pm

Captain's Log: Day Eighteen of Quarantine.
Researching, learning, computers being mean.
It must be Friday, the eve of Eighteen,
I peeked outside and I think the trees are turning green.
But the squirrels, again, they act so weird,
smart little kitties worried that everyone disappeared.
Speaking of weird, programming is such a fun game,
I am convinced it is unhealthy, but I think that's a shame.
My computer programs kept me company since I was nine,
I was so little, and already learning the command line.
Alas, the time doth fly,
as we grow older we must take to the sky.
We have to learn beyond what is at our fingertips,
and set aims for all those leaderships.
We should pamper our talents, can't leave them behind,
as we grow older they'll play a very important role in our peace of mind.
My readers, we are each charged with becoming Teachers,
share our knowledge, become Reason's own preachers.
The Future is only as bright as Her Humanity,
we are Her dignity, Her keepers of sanity.
So, search for video tutorials,
maybe open a book,
and take a look.

#23: Teacher

Friday, April 3rd 2020, 7:59:02 pm