We Must All Write

Tuesday, September 15th 2020, 5:12:36 pm

Writing is like the spinning top in Inception,
it is a way to self evaluate.
If you continue being unable to write,
then it means you are surrounded by invisible walls.
Being able to lay down your favorite thoughts on a piece of paper,
and helping to inspire or enlighten someone, is a sign of health and inner-freedom, and in some cases Greatness.
There are many styles of writing,
and many directions.
My style of writing is patterned after poems,
I write two sentences per stanza, if I need a third sentence,
then it generally means I over-complicated something.
I think my favorite aim is to turn my little poems,
into little movies and stitch them together into a tiny documentary.
I've heard of a project called Love Letters to Strangers
and I find that to be the sweetest aim of all.
In the larger scope,
we must all write to update the surface for future generations to stand on.
The books our parents read are great, by they are a bit old fashioned,
we have to, rebuild the library for the future generations.
We don't want the future to start with our parents,
we want them to start where we left off,
so that we may spare them the aches we went through.
Things change.
When we talked about climate 50 years ago,
there was still a chance to become educated about it and make informed decisions, today.
But, today, all we got is the observation that climate appears to have become more unstable,
and most are not educated enough to make any sense of it, or agree on any solution.
And that the world lost two-thirds of its wildlife is last 50 years,
people are too desperate for food, money, housing and health, to grasp what that means.
We need a new perspective on dealing with climate change,
because a world uneducated on the subject,
is a world that will never reach a consensus, and may never do anything about it.
Writing a book will tell you if you have the knowledge you think you do,
there are many teenagers, that feel they have mastered Quantum Physics; bless their Great Hearts and Beautiful Minds.
However, they can only write an assay or two,
they can't synthesize new ideas to fill a book.
Feeling smart is a very healthy sign, that a person is headed in the right direction,
but writing a book is a sign that they have traveled a considerable way there, and are of great health.
You can see what it means to be able to write a book much more clearly in this example in particular,
it means Freedom and Power of Mind, falling short is just... Dreaming.
There is a very powerful kind of book, that perhaps is most important,
and only a young person, during their youth can write it.
Brilliant Teenage Minds that made some headway in life,
writing advice to their peers, that have unfortunately gotten stuck, or fallen.
Opening ones heart at a young age, is a very noble thing to do,
it is a sign of Great Beauty, Compassion and Grand Heroism.
Those books, must not be judged by adults,
their creators must understand not to judge their creative writing by adult standards.
Adults are not what they seem, for one;
and second the people who benefit from those books are teenagers themselves.
A person who is suffering early in their life,
is best helped by the words of someone who has recently managed to rise out of similar problems.
Our youth is the most formative period of our life. Even the smallest of pains spared,
or littlest of mistakes avoided will have massive and profound influence over us, come our middle age.
write when you are young,
write when you are growing up,
write when nobody seems to be listening.
Write in the face of Liars,
write in the face pretenders, fakers, manipulators, wannabes, and fake-it-until-you-make-it morons.
Write to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps,
write to become a beacon
write to become a light of enlightenment.
Write to bring back what has been written a generation before,
if the story is worth the while, retell it, retell it countless times.
And when you are ready to lay down your pencil for the day,
read, read it out loud, and record it,
because the light in your voice is worth a million books.
And finally,
know what it is all for...
It is how the next generation learns from the previous one,
it is how they win the wars we could only hoped to have won.
It is how they become the heroes we hoped to be,
it is how they save the world, that we can't see.
Write, because that's how you! become the hero you hoped to be,
and because the world belongs to the future generations,
not just you and me.

#199: We Must All Write

Tuesday, September 15th 2020, 5:12:36 pm