The Seagulls

Monday, July 6th 2020, 11:15:45 pm

Of all the filthy creatures from The Baltic Sea to Lake Michigan,
there is but one I miss and always rejoice to see again.
Never, have I met a creature more Awful and Cheerful than the Ring-billed Gull,
and not a single moment we spent together was any dull.
The most awful gang, lives over by the Ludington State Park,
they show up in the morning, and do not leave until dark.
They are the hungriest, and the filthiest, and the most lovable bunch,
they live to entertain themselves and steal people's lunch.
If there is one thing that needs to be said,
it is that they want to steal your food and really hate being fed.
Once, I have seen them gang up on a fool holding up a chunk of bread,
they all swooped down squeaking, and I worried they'd peck him dead.
Though in the end he was probably fine,
as I saw him later in the day studying the "DO NOT FEED SEAGULS" sign.
But as long as you let them steal your food,
they will keep you company, and all will be good.
I also like those rare Seasoned Parking-lot Pirates that show up in Spring,
they can fly to any sea or ocean, but they pick a parking-lot; and that's their thing.
They always seem like they up to something no good,
probably looking to deliver one of their sick gifts on someones hood.
But, I always feel sad when they fly away for warmer climes,
they always remind me of strange wilderness adventures and good times.
The Seagulls

#129: The Seagulls

Monday, July 6th 2020, 11:15:45 pm